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At Billy our mission is to support Australians in maintaining their independence and wellbeing, in their own homes.

We believe great quality care is driven by how well you know your clients. Billy paints a picture of how well your clients are doing at home – informed by activity data that’s being collected across the day, every day.

Providers like you are turning to Billy to:


Help clients achieve their goals of maintaining independence and wellbeing while living in their own homes.


Empower the informal care community. Family and friends can take better care of their loved ones when they are equipped with the right information.


Improve the quality and efficiency of the care their teams deliver. Billy provides insights into wellbeing and opportunity for early intervention where required.

What is Billy?

Using discreet sensors placed around the home, Billy tracks activities like meals, bathroom visits and movement around the home. This information is used to define your client’s daily routine.

If your client acts out of their normal routine, Billy will detect this and notify family or carers – allowing for timely interventions.

medicationmealssleepbathroommovementhome & awaytemperature

Billy brings greater independence to people who want to live on their own, including…


…those at risk of falls, incontinence, not eating properly, or not taking their medication on time.


…those who have cognitive limitations such as dementia or a learning disability


…those who simply want to feel secure and looked after as they go about their daily lives

Billy is covered under:

Home Care Package Program
Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
Short Term Restorative Care Program (STRC)
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Our customers love Billy

We are proud of how happy our customers are. Providers and clients have told us about the value that Billy has brought to business and their lives.

Having real time monitoring of older persons living in their own home not only protects vulnerable people, but also gives essential peace of mind to family members that their loved ones are going about their daily routines in a healthy and predictable pattern.

David Panter, CEO ECH talking at the Royal
Commision into Aged Care and Safety

CEO of ECH, David Panter, Smiling for Testimonial
CEO of ECH, David Panter, Smiling for Testimonial
Laughing senior woman testimonial

Several of the doctors…asked me about it – how I knew so early there was a problem. I was used to seeing a pattern. And then I saw something that was outside her normal pattern…we were able to get her help straight away.

Ken, son of Myrtle, Billy customer

Laughing senior woman testimonial

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The information you need


Billy provides actionable insights, letting care staff know where to focus their time and effort.


Relative assessments of wellbeing across client cohort


Each client’s overall wellbeing is reflected as a Wellness Score which helps staff prioritise their attention


Activity participation is tracked over time to identify any trends of concern

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